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Artificial Grass – gaining popularity in UAE gardens and landscapes

It's funny how we love the sight of green in our backyards and lawns but when it comes to maintaining it, it feels like another to-do on the list. Long drawn and like a chore amongst other priorities on the list.

That's where the concept of artificial grass is fast taking pace in its popularity, especially here in UAE. Leaving aside the asthetics, which is pretty darn great, the quality of grass available can be less of an effort to upkeep and also less fuss with the dirt like in the case of real grass. And if you were worried about how it looked, pretty realistic, I'd say!! Though you can tell it's artificial, it's not that apparent, to be honest!

You don't need to schedule mowing the grass in your calendar, while you worry less about the dirt that enters the homes when shoes walk on the real deal. Also, if you're allergic to pollen, this pretty much takes care of that as well.

With so many reasons, why wouldn't you like to explore this option? If you'd like to experiment, drop in a note. We'd be happy to help.